The Window Of Opportunities

​Started way back

But I guess there is no end;

From the blistering dust to the silent sand.

Dreamt too big

As any innocent kid would had

But then got to know life

Thanks to the pressure that I never had.

Thoughts of running away 

Crossed my mind

And I was out of my city

Knowing that no one is mine.

Moved into the crowdy streets,

Hoping that I’ll cross them by

But I was caught in the middle

Of an endless sea with no idea why!

Took it easy in the beginning,

But now I’m shivering.

The pressure is heavy

And heavier are the expectations!

My experience taught me one thing for sure;

“It’s not the walls in the room that matters,

It’s the Window.

The Window of opportunity!!

I realised this late.

When I’m no longer a teen

But as George Elliot said:

It’s never too late to be what you might have been!!

Let Peace Begin With Me

If I could travel

Wherever I wanted to

The first place that I’d like to go

Is somewhere deep, where there is PEACE! 

No lies, worries or chaos

Only peace is all that I seek

But I have never been to a place 

Where the actual stillness exists! 

I’ve seen trees, mountains and hills

Almost everything that a man seeks

But not a single that I need

And all that I need is PEACE!!

They say, ‘Death is the ultimate PEACE’

But that’s not what I believe

Because that can b done with ease

And peace is something that you gotta achieve!

I’m sure I’ll find it

As I found the other things,

But I’m afraid that it will disappear

The moment the bell rings!! 

The Man On The Top

​All started from the very first day

It was the day I was born

Life is short but the list is long

And I’ll go through, singing the song

Everyone have their own lust

But to achieve, Patience is must!

Hurdles are absolute
And so am I

Whatever may come

I’ll reach the other end flying high!

Yeah! Chances are few

As the rope is thin,

But if you have it in you

You definitely gonna win!